He four years of the presidency of Donald Trump   meant economic success with almost no precedents in the United States. He was assured of reelection if it had not been for the pandemic, in which his management was not convincing. North American society is one of the hardest hit in the world by the coronavirus. Most analysts agree with this statement.

Trump played his card with the vaccine and Pfizer suspiciously postponed the announcement of its product until after the election.

It was the quarantine that justified the never so numerous vote by correspondence. A mechanism that was originally implemented so that soldiers who were on military missions abroad could vote and that, slowly, was extended to civilians as an exception.

Trump warned about the intention of the Democrats to adulterate, in various ways, the vote by correspondence.

Millions of Americans recovered, during the Trump administration, the work that had been replaced by cheap labor, such as those of China or Mexico. That sector, like others, believed the President's warning and was fooled by the postal vote that tipped the election in favor of Biden.

The famous phrase of James Carville , Bill Clinton's advisor in the successful 1992 campaign, must have been reformulated by some Trump adviser: "It's the stupid Covid 19."

One of the most famous of the North American political editorialists, Thomas Friedman, in The New York Time newspaper , published an article that La Nación reproduced yesterday , where he argues that if Biden's victory had been annulled through institutional channels, the 81,283,485 Americans who voted for him "would have taken to the streets (I had been one of them) and would probably break into the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court."

I don't understand then why he is surprised by the attitude of some Republicans who stormed Congress.

I think the bottom line is currently being debated in political science: populism , of which Trump is an exponent.

Ortega y Gasset said: "What is worth more in man is his capacity for dissatisfaction." If not, we would surely be living in caves.

The dissatisfactions of social groups are not always channeled by the systems of the bourgeois democracy established at the end of the 18th century.

But when there was no clarity in the election, the system is affected and when the demands of many are not heard as well.

In the case of the United States, it is surprising that it has emerged in the country that was not only the cradle of popular representation, but its best example.

The political and judicial bodies gave Biden the winner, but in populisms the vote is also against the establishment, which includes large laboratories, such as those that suppose they delayed the realization of the vaccine. This explains it, but does not justify it.

The way to avoid the evils of populism is for the ruling class to be attentive to the needs, aspirations, and postponements of the different social sectors and not allow the suffrage to be altered.

To paraphrase Churchill : the popular vote is the most unequal of the elective systems of representative democracy, except for all the others.

Fernando R. Klappenbach

Doctor in History.